Exciting New Technology and Gadgets Get Peoples Attention

The Annual National Hardware Show was held in Las Vegas earlier this month. DIY-ers and home modification junkies from across the U.S. drove to Vegas to view all the newest contraptions and inventions designed for your house. Always a crowd pleaser, the 2012 event was no different as it showed off many new items and gadgets from some of America’s most individual minds. Adding to the show, Safari Pest Control provided several great ideas on their blog.

The complete story was reported by Market Watch in a recent article. Visitors to the event saw a large selection of products, from a mobile dog washing tool designed to keep you dry to a mobile fire pit and barbecue grill. Several patrons scooped up these inventions and gadgets, anxious to add them to their house management plans. Others saw it as a good excuse to head out to Las Vegas, hit up the shows, play some blackjack and enjoy the night scene.

Homeowners have been conducting minor renovations and improvements to their homes for years. These can be as simple as putting in new door stops and light switch plates or as complex as installing a new roof or re-paving the driveway. Commonly, most owners who try these ideas have most of the desired experience required to finish the project in a professional manner without an ER visit. Below is a quick list of some of the most common home improvement projects, which ones have you done?

Ripping out an old tile floor can be a terrible job, but it is low cost and simple to handle. Your attic access panel is usually the poorest sealed part of your attic, letting precious heat to escape. Just about all kitchen revamping projects require ripping out the appliances and cupboards; do this early on to save your budget. Changing your broken weather stripping surrounding your doors is a cheap way to cut your AC and heat expenses. Wooden decks are extremely popular, easy to install and add resale value to your home.

Changing out your light plate panels with decorative wood ones is a fast and inexpensive way to spruce up your living space. Adding fiberglass around exterior wall electrical boxes is a cheap way to keep drafts out of your home. Replacing your entry door with a steel one can help homeowners dramatically when selling their house. Outdoor bedrooms have become very popular house additions and are fantastic for napping, chilling out and kicking back.

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